The Man Is Armed

Released Oct. 19, TheManIsArmed1956: THE MAN IS ARMED, starring Dane Clark, May Wynn, William Talman, and Barton MacLane. Directed by Fred Adreon (Man with the Steel Whip, Terror at Midnight, Hell’s Crossroads). Just released from a year-long stint in San Quentin, Clark returns to Los Angeles intent on resuming his old life driving a truck and courting his girl (May Wynn). But first he takes care of business by killing the man he believes framed him. Later he discovers it was his trucking company boss (William Talman) who setup the frame as test of loyalty, and now that Clark has proven himself trustworthy, Talman lets him in on a plan to steal $100,000 from an armored trucking company. Clark pulls off the robbery, but complications ensue, and things quickly spiral out of control. Like all good noirs, this story has a trajectory of doom almost from the very start. Clark is too hardened and embittered by his stint in the joint to avoid getting himself into trouble at every turn. It’s only a matter of time until the entire world closes in around him. Clark is thoroughly convincing as the tough no-nonsense ex-con, prone to meting out violence at the slightest provocation.  The film drags a bit during some early scenes in which Clark tries to rekindle his romance with Wynn, but soon thereafter, the action ramps up and careens towards the film’s fatalistic end.  This is definitely a B-grade noir, but all things considered, it’s not a bad one. We give The Man Is Armed 3 out of 5 fedoras.

3 Fedoras


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