Twist of Fate

Released Nov. 5, 1954: TWIST OF FATE (also known as Beautiful Stranger), starring Ginger Rogers, Herbert Lom, and Stanley Baker. Directed by David Miller (Flying Tigers, Sudden Fear, Lonely Are the Brave). Rogers is a former showgirl and now mistress to wealthy businessman TwistofFateStanley Baker, who showers her with jewelry, an expensive house, and a lavish yacht. It seems everyone is perfectly happy, but when Rogers learns that Baker has no intention of divorcing his wife she becomes distraught, and through a series of circumstances, finds refuge with a local artist (Jacques Bergerac – Rogers’ real-life husband at the time). Meanwhile, we learn that Baker secretly heads up a small crime ring that counterfeits gold coins, and one of his agents, a shifty gambler (Herbert Lom), happens to be a friend of Rogers. From this point, the story has these four characters crossing paths through coincidence, mistaken identity, Lom’s greedy misguided schemes, and the blossoming romance between Rogers and Bergerac. The action moves quickly, but predictably. Baker shows himself to be an intimidating villain, but Rogers and Bergerac are never put in enough peril for us to fear either of them might not survive. Rogers gives a first-rate performance, the film’s south of France setting provides refreshing visuals, some of the plot twists are entertaining, but overall, this film is an average lightweight thriller.  We give Twist of Fate 2.5 out of 5 fedoras.

2.5 Fedoras


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