Alfred L. Werker

Happy birthday to director AlfredLWerkerAlfred L. Werker, born Dec. 2, 1896 in Deadwood, SD. Werker started in film in 1917 as an assistant director. In 1928, he directed his first feature, Pioneer Scout, and would go on to direct over 45 more films across various genres, up until his retirement in 1957. Working for Fox, Paramount, and Eagle-Lion studios, Werker was known as a solid, no-nonsense director who could be counted on to deliver results. In the late 1940s and early 50s, Werker directed four noir films: Shock (1946) with Vincent Price, Repeat Performance (1947) with Louis Hayward and Joan Leslie, He Walked by Night (1948) with Richard Basehart, and Walk East On Beacon (1952) with George Murphy. The most notable films of his career were the aforementioned He Walked by Night, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939), which is considered one of the best Sherlock Holmes films, and Lost Boundaries (1949), for which he received a Directors Guild of America nomination. Werker died in 1975 at age 78.


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