Broderick Crawford

Happy birthday BroderickCrawfordto actor Broderick Crawford, born Dec. 9, 1911 in Philadelphia, PA. Crawford was born into a show business family; his mother and father both performed in vaudeville and had small film roles in the 1920s and 30s. Crawford performed with his parents in vaudeville, but later started working in radio and also appeared in serious stage roles. He had a handful of small film roles in the late 1930s, but his first notable part was a supporting role in Beau Geste (1939). Crawford appeared in over two dozen films in the 1940s, usually playing tough guys and villains, culminating with the role of Willie Stark in the noir classic All The King’s Men (1949), for which he won the Best Actor Oscar. Crawford’s film career continued into the 1950s in such movies as Born Yesterday (1950), Lone Star (1952), Big House, U.S.A. (1955), and Between Heaven and Hell (1956). Crawford appeared in many classic noir films throughout his career: Black Angel (1946), The Flame (1947), Convicted (1950), The Mob (1951), Scandal Sheet (1952), Human Desire (1954), and New York Confidential (1955). In 1955, Crawford landed the role of Dan Mathews in the TV series Highway Patrol (1955-1959). The show was a huge success and became synonymous with Crawford, who would continue to appear consistently in movies and TV shows into the early 1980s. Crawford died in 1986 at age 74.


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