Jeff Chandler

Happy birthday to actor JeffChandlerJeff Chandler, born Dec. 15, 1918 in Brooklyn, NY. Chandler took acting lessons after finishing high school, and subsequently worked for a stock company as an actor and stage manager. In 1941, he formed the Shady Lane Playhouse touring company, but this venture was cut short by the onset of WWII, and Chandler went into the service for four years. After the war, he moved to Los Angeles and found work in radio, appearing in several anthology series and also playing the lead in Michael Shayne as well as the biology teacher in Our Miss Brooks. In 1947, after appearing together on radio with Dick Powell, Chandler got a small one-line part in the noir film, Johnny O’Clock, on Powell’s recommendation. That same year, he had another small part in the noir classic, The Invisible Wall. In 1948, Chandler was cast in Sword in the Desert, and his notable performance led to a contract with Universal. Under contract, Chandler’s first film was another noir, Abandoned (1949). This was followed by a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Broken Arrow (1950), which firmly established him as a star. Chandler went on to appear in over 30 more films in the 1950s. Among them, were three more noir titles: Iron Man (1951), Female on the Beach (1955), and The Tattered Dress (1957). In the mid-1950s, Chandler started his own production company, Earlmar Productions, and produced the film, Drango (1957). In addition to acting, Chandler also had a singing career, performing in nightclubs and releasing two albums. After injuring his back in 1961, Chandler underwent surgery for a herniated disc. Complications developed, requiring additional surgeries and massive blood transfusions, eventually resulting in Chandler’s death due to malpractice.  He was 42.


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